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Original Content

The Mission of our Original Content Division is to create, develop and produce new and fresh commercial content primarily based on story ideas we uncover from the archival material we have digitized or that reflect an aspect of contemporary Cuban culture that, we believe, should be captured and preserved for Cuba’s archives of tomorrow.

Under our agreement with RTVC, TropixMedia has exclusive preemptive rights to use any of the archival materials it has digitized for the purpose of creating new media content. Any such new content, including any embedded archival material, will be owned and its exploitation exclusively controlled by TropixMedia, in perpetuity. With respect to any digitized archival material, TropixMedia has the right to use such archival material including the right to recreate or repurpose any of such content for exploitation in any medium or distribution platform in existence today or at any time in the future.

In general, our original content work is focused in three principal areas designed to place us at the heart of Cuban culture yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Our work


Jazz Plaza 2020




Cubaness ® was born in 2019 from a vision to create a new digital space for and about contemporary Cuba. We are focused on telling compelling, universal short-form audiovisual stories. Through our films you can learn to talk like a taxi driver and cook like a grandma, as well as meet the creators behind the hottest cultural happenings and experience facets of Cuba you never knew existed.

We also publish an event guide that distills the brimming cultural scene and presents it in a calendar like no other in Havana. It is satisfying to use, gratifying to look at and lovingly updated every day with everything that is worth seeing or doing. We also bring you guides on where to eat well, shop quirky, dance all night and sleep luxuriously. All in one place, CUBACURATED.

To share an event or pitch your stories, images or audiovisuals, email us at:

Cubaness ® is a registered trademark of Tropix Media & Entertainment

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Our Videos

Cubaness chronicles Cuban culture by creating an audiovisual record of profiles of different and fascinating people, unexpected occupations, spontaneous acts of caring and giving, acts of courage and joyous moments. As a body of work, we believe we have captured the uniqueness and resilience of the Cuban spirit. We average two to three videos per week and now have over 100 audiovisuals in our private collection. Welcome to Cuba. Enjoy!

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Coverage of Cultural Events

Since our inception, TropixMedia has maintained a policy of being a major sponsor and supporter of important cultural events in Cuba. We do so not only because we believe in bolstering the creative and performing arts in Cuba, but also because it has provided us with a major seat at the table when cultural events are planned and carried out. As a media company and major sponsor, we generally get the exclusive rights to film the events of our choice. In those cases where we do not wish to undertake a major production, our Cubaness division is given unparalleled backstage access to the artists, producers and actors for exclusive interviews and invitations to after parties, all of which we film for our Cubaness site and reserve for potential later commercial and archival use.

We also use our sponsorships and/or filming of major events as occasions to invite to Cuba and host top international producers, writers, actors and media executives, where we plant the seeds for future collaborations. In several cases, these seeds have borne fruit. We currently have two co-productions in development with award winning documentary directors/producers who have access to their own funding sources.

Our consistent key sponsorships of cultural events, as well as our reputation for providing insightful and creative coverage of these events, has created an enormous reservoir of good will among those who need to know within the Ministry of Culture and the broader cultural community in Cuba, all of which has benefited both the TropixMedia and Cubaness brands.

Consistent with our mission to keep our fingers on the pulse of the Cuban culture of tomorrow, we have made a special effort to support events and programs that feature young emerging artists in diverse fields from screenwriters and producers to musicians and fashion designers.

The following is a partial listing of the cultural events we have sponsored.

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Archival Productions

As our Digitization Center of Excellence has only recently opened, we remain on the cusp of starting our exciting exploration and deep dive into Cuba’s radio and television archives. Even though we are at the beginning of our quest, over the past several years we have uncovered some archival jewels that have inspired stories for television series, feature films, documentaries, webisodes and internet radio programming, a number of which we currently have under development. We continue to add to our priority list of materials to be digitized by seeking out top Cuban historians, journalists, writers and producers, who provide us with a window into potentially great archive-centric stories.

Due to our local positioning in the market, we are gratefully the first call for many foreign film makers, writers and producers interested in filming in Cuba or gaining access to archival material for their stories. In a number of these cases, we have been asked to become more involved in their projects from storyline consulting and archival searches beyond RTVC/ICRT’s archives to script consulting for authenticity and actual filming using our own crew.

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