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Frandy Claro Audiovisual Editor

Frandy is one of Cubaness and Tropix’ audiovisual editor. He is tasked with shaping storylines, and completing final cuts, as well as supplying the files with metadata to amend towards the Tropix archives.

Having studied electronic bass during his college years, but the musical dream soon turned towards editing. Taking an editing course at the Cuban Institute of Radio and Television changed his career path. Soon he was assigned to the sports channel of Cuban Television Information System. He has been credited on several music shows such as Sonando en Cuba and Bailando en Cuba (Cuba’s version of Dancing with the Stars). His concert work includes coverage of shows by Gente de Zona with Laura Puccini, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Mayco de Alma, Waldo Mendoza, and Orquesta Faílde.

His sports projects include coverage of the Pan American games, the Olympics, a world boxing series, and a notable baseball game between Cuba and Tampa Bay Rays at the Stadium Latinoamericano. His work can also be seen on the coverage of His Holiness Pope Francis visit to Cuba and his meeting with the Kiril of the Russian Orthodox Church.
Frandy is an extra positive figure on the hard-working editor’s team. He has an affection for animals and cooking, but above all, his children. Nothing is more motivating to him than continuous learning and bettering his skillsets.