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Senior Management Team

The members of the Senior Management Team consist of the Founder & CEO, the Management Committee (see below) and the following members of the Office of the CEO: the Chief Administrative and Finance Officer, the Legal Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer, the Chief Planning Officer & Acting Head of Digitalization, the Director of Human Resources, the Director of CEO Initiatives and Special Projects, and the Executive Assistant to the CEO:

In addition,

Mr Evert Henkes serves as Non-Executive Chairman and Counsellor to the CEO.

Management Committee

The day-to-day affairs of TropixMedia are managed by a Management Committee that meets at least three times a month and reviews and makes decisions with respect to a wide range of issues for which it has been delegated authority by the CEO. In addition, the Management Committee reviews and makes recommendations to the CEO with respect to all other matters of importance to TropixMedia. All decisions and recommendations by the Management Committee are made by consensus.

The Management Committee is made up of the designated members of the Office of the CEO,  plus the following members:

Staff members who support the Senior Management Team