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Inelcy Denis Head of Archives Commercial Operations

Inelcy Denis is our Head of Archives Commercial Operations. She stands out for her leadership and remarkable ability to secure quality contacts and relationships with personalities, organizations and institutions, promoting favorable relations to increase the client portfolio.

A graduated in Social Communication from the University of Havana, she worked for more than 20 years at the Instituto Cubano de Radio y Televisión (ICRT) as programs editor and assistant director. Passionate about the process of preservation and the treatments for content’s conservation, she founded and for ten years headed the first project of digitization and management of the audiovisual archives of Cuban television before joining Tropix.

She lives with her husband and daughter, a ballet student. She enjoys classical music, opera, walking and social work. She loves nature and believes in human improvement. Her strategy is to work hard, persevere, learn, study, and sacrifice.