who we are

Our story begins with a promise. A long time ago, a dying father secured a pledge from his 14-year old son to one day return to his birth country and do something big and important for the Cuban people. His son set his heart on fulfilling his father’s vision, but it was not until many years later that our Founder and CEO discovered the purpose to his quest: to rescue, save and share Cuba’s audiovisual cultural heritage. Since the founding of TropixMedia, this has been our Core Purpose. Our team is bound by a passion to find and save people’s unique stories for generations to come.

We are honored that RTVC, the commercial arm of Cuba’s Institute of Radio and Television, has entrusted TropixMedia to digitize and/or commercialize over 500,000 hours of Cuba’s audiovisual patrimony. Our groundbreaking agreement with RTVC in 2016 confers not only rights and benefits, but also an enormous responsibility to serve as guardians of the Cuban people’s most cherished memories and defining moments.

Our Core Purpose infuses all Our Work and reflects our central Mission: “To bring Cuba to the World and the World to Cuba.” As a team, we are bound by our passion for culture, our love of people, and our conviction that our history and cultural heritage define our humanity, enrich our lives, and must be preserved.

Spirit is based on giving

To the Cuban people – Our deep moral commitment to document, preserve, support and share with the world the exceptional past, present and future Cuban culture.

To our employees – The opportunity for professional growth in a positive and pleasant working environment and, to the extent legally and financially possible, compensation according to the upper level of the Cuban average and the levels of the entertainment industry.

To the families of our employees – Recognition of the importance of family for each employee, respect for the family needs of each individual and the willingness to help when necessary.

To our collaborators and strategic partners – Excellence, integrity and the highest level of professionalism in our joint work.

To those who serve us – Courtesy, respect and a timely response to any question, need or problem.

To others – Recognition of the personal dignity of each individual and, of his or her ability to contribute in extraordinary ways to the achievement of the company’s objectives.

To our profession – Vigilant compliance with our Code of Ethics and the commitment to seek best practices in the way we organize and manage our business.

To ourselves – Recognition that success is not necessarily defined by money or position, but by happiness in our daily lives and by growth in our human potential.

Our Values

In order for us to become a great firm, we must build a winning culture internally. At the heart of a winning culture there are fundamental values.