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Diana González Director of Production, Production Services and Institutional Relations (Creative Teams)

Diana González is the Director of Production, Production Services and Institutional Relations. She participates in the proposal and negotiations of the sponsorships offered by Tropix to cultural events, such as Havana’s Latin-American New Film Festival, International Jazz Plaza Festival, Gibara’s Film Festival and Varadero Josone Rumba, Jazz and Son Festival, which was co-founded by Tropix, among others. She elaborates the concepts and leads all issues related to the services of audiovisual productions. She is also in charge of centrally maintaining relations with RTVC, Tropix’s key partner in Cuba’s entertainment industry.
With a Master’s Degrees in Physics and Mathematical Sciences and in International Economic Relations from Lomonosov University, Moscow, after graduating she started her career as a researcher at the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology. However, her yearning for art and culture drove her to a change. For more than twenty years she has worked in the mass media field, where she has been a TV producer and the former head of television and event productions for RTVC. Her knowledge, skills and experience make her versatile and multifaceted. As a manager, she is capable of simultaneously undertaking a wide range of responsibilities and tasks, without deviating from the strategic orientation and the order of priorities.
Her best moments are those she spends with her family, friends, and by the sea. Her favorite book is Rayuela and she loves dogs.