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David Friedman Chief Planning Officer & Acting Head of Digitalization

David Friedman is our Chief Planning Officer & Acting Head of Digitalization. He is in charge of both the conception of the structure of the Digitalization Center as well as the plans, projects and design of its work flow.

Raised in Havana, his academic and work experience was formed all over the world. He graduated with a Master’s degree in Computer Sciences in Ukraine and a Master’s degree in Applied Sciences in Canada. In Cuba, his work experience as an engineer has been linked to the leadership of the firm Copextel, Cuba’s leading integrated solutions provider in telecommunications, energy, office systems and electronics. He worked as Research Assistant at Kiev´s Polytechnic Institute in Ukraine and as Manager of Engineering at Capricorn International B.V. in Rotterdam, Holland. He was also a Researcher and Assistant Professor at the Electric Engineering Department of the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada.

A man with an intelligent sense of humor and a love for classical music, he lives in Cuba with his wife and his daughter.