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Vania Salgado Director of Human Resources

Vania Salgado is the Director of Human Resources and is in charge of managing everything related to the existing talent inside and outside the company. Her work is aimed at achieving employee well-being, creativity, competitiveness and employee commitment to adhere to our Core Values and Ethos.

She holds a Degree in Organizational Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Human Resources from the University of Havana. For more than 18 years she worked at ETECSA, the national telecommunications company of Cuba, where she held senior leadership roles in the Human Resources, Public Relations and Commercial departments. These assignments developed her capacities for more effective and humanistic communication.

After her family was exiled from Chile, Vania moved to Havana. Always smiling, with a love for swimming and culture, Vania enjoys the company of her daughter, dog, and close friends.