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Amado Alfonso Director of Software Development

Amado Alfonso is the Director of Software Development. He graduated with his Master’s Degree as an engineer on Automatized Management Systems from Lvov’s Polytechnic Institute, Ukraine. Hi is a software designer and producer with more than 20 years of experience.

He leads his young team in the development and maintaining of new proprietary for use in the digitalization process, including for accessioning, automated work flows and our proprietary Media Asset Manager. He is responsible for incorporating artificial intelligence for the automatic extraction of metadata from the digitized contents and develops high standard IT tools primarily for the internal use at Tropix. His team also develops and maintains our websites.

His work life has been focused on the development of data-based apps for enterprises, developing skills in IT management and in financial accounting. He became an expert developer using Java, Forte and Oracle. He led the project and was responsible for the development and management of the Platform Lotus Notes in the Cuban company Datacimex, among many other projects for major Cuban entities, including the management information systems of Cuba’s leading music recording company, EGREM.

He enjoys undertaking an inclusive leadership, where his collaborators take initiative and always seeks to help others who might need him.