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Jean-Philippe Lesperance I.T Director

JP Lesperance is the Director of IT procurement. He is in charge of all Technology and is responsible for designing the vision of the Company in this regard and ensuring that resources are in line with the commercial needs of Tropix.

He had his academic formation at Northeastern University, Boston, MA, and Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA.  He started his career in post-production at the video duplication laboratories WRS, in Atlanta. Once he was an expert in professional tape formats he joined Video Tape Associates (VTA), a renowned post-production facility in this city. For seven years he collaborated with online editors, sound engineers and colorists. Among his clients, there were television series, commercial spots and programs producers. He worked as an editor, in charge of the creative editorial work of sports, sales presentations and documentaries in standard and high definition. He contributed 20 years of experience to Crawford Media services, as a Media Engineer. For more than five years was responsible for the configuration of encoders and trans encoders as well as the design of workflows in the digitalization process.

He is comfortable with the existence of strict time frames and managing the expectations of internal and external clients. He loves trust and open communication. He does well under pressure and consistently delivers solutions with the highest possible efficacy.