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Alejandro Ruíz Writer / Editor

Alejandro R. Chang works within the editorial departments at Tropix, including Cubaness and the Tropix Production website. He suggests ideas, assigns articles, and makes sure the content is optimal. Together with the editor-in-chief, he recommends topics of interest, in addition to supervising corrections and translations.
During his University career, Alejandro directed a television documentary that served as a diploma thesis, attached to an investigation on journalism and modern narrative in 19th century Cuba. He was part of the Santiago Álvarez Chair of Cinema at the Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Art & Industry. He also worked a few years for the International Festival of New Latin American Cinema, in the Industry Sector.
Alejandro has been published in Cuban and foreign cultural magazines. He received a diploma in Public Administration at the Higher Institute of International Relations in Havana, as well as several postgraduate degrees at the José Martí International Institute of Journalism and the Association of Social Communicators of Cuba. For the magazine OnCuba, he served many roles in their Havana office, including culture journalist, web collaborator, commercial supervisor for their printed edition, and editor of the Cultural Calendar. At the same time, he served as Communication Director for BandEra Studio, the first collective self-managed record label that produces, promotes and distributes alternative music made in Cuba.
Alejandro lives in the center of Havana, but his roots are linked to the sea in the eastern part of ​​the city. He loves the night, reading, and savoring a good Cuban coffee any time of the day. When he travels, he never forgets a book. His dreams are many, and he never stops reaching for them, beginning with the first letter he types on a blank page daily.