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Misael Rodríguez Field producer

Misael Rodríguez secures all the traditional elements of a producer, including permits, equipment, food, and transportation among other things. He is a trusted figure when managing his respective film staff. Speaking both English and Spanish, Misael is an asset for both Assistant Directing or Location Scouting when working with a variety of Directors, depending on which platform or project he is producing for.
His career began in the fields of accounting and commerce, until he began working at a cultural center called Casa de las Américas as their cultural promoter, which led to Production work at the venue.
At first, Misael worked independently on projects such as Fe (Faith), on the Pope’s visit to Cuba, and the Puerto Real de Manzanillo Project. He also worked on concert production for various Cuban artists such as Harold López-Nusa and Aldo López-Gavilán, American jazz player Bayron Strepling, and Puerto Rican Dani Rivera.
He then moved on to larger productions such as the internationally acclaimed TV shows including Amazing Race filmed in Cuba, The Jonas Brothers, Top Gear (for History Channel), Master Chef with John Lagasse, and Keeping up with the Kardashians, Childish Gambino’s Guava island co-starring Rihanna, and The OA for Netflix. Commercial work includes advertising spots for Western Union, Puma, and New Balance, among others.
Misael finally joined our team in 2018, at the moment Tropix was co-producing a three day music festival called Varadero Josone Rumba, Jazz & Son, with over 30 bands which included 3 film crews to cover both backstage and front stage. His expertise in production, music, and general Cuban management helped bring the project to full fruition.
Misael is energetic and tireless, always ready to run a work marathon. His sense of humor and ease during stressful moments makes him an excellent team player under pressure. He names water polo as one of his passions.