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Roannel Fernández Software Developer

Roannel Fernández leads the group in charge of developing custom web applications and Tropix’s own sites. He worked for more than 5 years at the University of Computer Sciences, Havana, where he was linked to the C.U.B.A. project. (Unified Content for Advanced Search). He is a full-stack developer of software applications, with knowledge of technologies such as Spring Boot / Spring Cloud, JPA, Symfony, Laravel, Drupal, WordPress, ReactJS and Ract Native. He is also an active contributor to the Apache Foundation (ASF). His interests focus on the fields of Big Data, information retrieval, semantic web, interlaced data, data and text mining, and patterns oriented to microservices.

Roannel is constantly looking for challenges, developing applications, to then share his knowledge. He loves to spend time on basketball and tennis courts, which offer him an alternative to facing the screen all day. Together with his wife, he relishes growing his family.