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Mariacarla Dausá Producer

Mariacarla provides the infrastructure, resources and logistics necessary for everyone to carry out their creative work. This translates into the implementation and control of the budgets of the different productions and editorial content. She is the coordinator and editorial organizer of the magazine. She also coordinates the pre and postproduction process of the Cubaness and Tropix videos. Her goal is to achieve quality work in both artistic and commercial efforts.

Maria Carla started her professional career at Cuba’s Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology where she joined the Research Group that worked on a vaccine against the Hepatitis C virus. Later, she worked at the Company for Telematic Services and Information Technology. A year later, she made a turn in her professional career, moving to the Mhai Yoga Tourism Agency, where she worked as a public relations officer and assistant to the owner. In this foreign company, she polished her skills as a tour guide, and developed a talent for accounting activities. In addition to being computer literate, she constantly seeks to develop artistically through further training in photography and graphic software.

Mariacarla is a quick-thinking person, always excited with the subtleties of art and life. She strives to take on new challenges and is committed to her professional growth in the various areas of production.