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Inti Herrera Producer and Director

Inti Herrera serves as Producer for commercial clients from abroad, as well as provides original content ideas within Tropix Media.  Inti also manages post-production duties for Cuba-based projects.

His career began in 2001 with the production of his first short documentary, Directives are Directives. He has a deep understanding of the Cuban film community, its nuances, specific challenges and, finally, finds solutions to difficult problems.

Inti has worked on some of the most high-profile Cuban films such as Juan de los Muertos (Cuba’s first great zombie movie) for which he managed to shut down one of Cuba’s most iconic streets, Malecon. Other feature films in which he has worked are Melaza, Viva Cuba, Personal Belongings, and the documentary Operation Peter Pan: Flying Back to Cuba. In 2004 he created Producciones de la 5ta. Avenida, an independent production company, together with the director and screenwriter of Cuban cinema, Alejandro Brugués.