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Claudio Pelaez Director Audiovisual

Claudio Peláez is involved in every decision at Tropix regarding video filming, production control, recordings, editing and post-production. He decides on camera equipment and makes great usage of the resources given to him in order to produce the highest quality work. He is an asset, given all the difficulties or limitations that could arise on a Cuban production.

Claudio is a practicing photographer, video journalist, audiovisual producer and a tireless student of visual anthropology. He worked at Canal Habana as Community Manager. He has also been in charge of audiovisual production at the National Center for Sex Education (CENESEX). He also served on digital platforms On Cuba and Progreso Semanal. His documentary work includes: Padre Nuestro, Blog Bang Cuba and Traspasos Escenicos, in addition to directing the photography for the documentaries Ordenar el futuro and Guardianes del Agua, for the United Nations Development Program, among others. He has also contributed to EPK’s for Cuban musicians such as jazz player Albertico Lescay and Paulo FG. Claudio has filmed over 100 audiovisuals for Tropix.

In 2017, he created his production company entitled Claudiovisual Producciones with the mission and vision of creating an audiovisual archive so that future generations can see what he lived through.

He likes to always keep his camera handy, in order to capture the essence of his country and its people. He is an infinite learner, always absorbing the good and beautiful things that make his motherland a better place.