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Carlos Benítez Audiovisual Editor

Carlos Benítez creates audiovisuals for Cubaness and Tropix. He creates all rough assemblies of footage, determining narrative structure and story development. Working with music, effects, and post-production decisions, Carlos is a lead editor with supervising power to close out final products for the online editorial. In addition to video editing, Carlos also organizes the footage for our database, creating metadata for the Tropix archives.
He began his career in electronics at the Cuban Post Company. For more than 10 years he had been linked to the ICRT (Cuban Institute of Radio and Television) as their technician in Mass Broadcasting Systems, which assigned him the tasks of character generator, and computer operator. He also served as an editor, sound engineer and cameraman for Cubavisión International. He was a regular editor of the Lucas Awards, Cuba’s equivalent to the MTV Video Awards.
Carlos is a vintage car aficionado. He is an introvert but treasures good conversations with his close colleagues. Possessing a strong instinct, he strives to learn new editing tools, and searches out new inspirations for his craft.