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Isabel Alomá Designer

Isabel Alomá is in charge of developing creative designs to fulfill Tropix’ branding mission. She inspires and captures our readers with her event posters, flyers, promotional packaging, and products for both Tropix and Cubaness.
Having recently graduated in 2018, Isabel is already building her work portfolio impressively. She contributed to a school course called “Subjectivity, New Technological and Audiovisual reality”, organized by the Philosophy School of the University of Barcelona, ​​in collaboration with the communication agency PlayGround. She designed all the elements of the booth stand for DACAME, a Spain company featured at the Havana Construction Fair. She also worked in music videos for respected Cuban director Joseph Ros as assistant art director, including a clip for musician William Vivanco. Isa also helped develop projects for the prestigious organization called National Center for Sex Education (CENESEX).
Isa is a fresh charge of energy, even tempered with a great work ethic. She is curious about new technologies related to creativity. She is receptive to different points of views when developing an opinion.