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Wency Hojas Director of Accessioning

Wency Hojas is the Director of Accessioning and responsible for carrying out the advanced work in the digitalization process. Together with teams of associates, he works in the evaluation of the physical conditions, application of bar codes, registration in our proprietary AMS+ system and quality control of audiovisual assets. Under his leadership, his teams have already performed accessioning on over 100,000 audiovisual assets.

He is a graduate in Sociology and has a Master’s Degree in Social Development from the University of Havana. A young entrepreneur with experience in leading work teams, Wency splits his time between Tropix and the Instituto Cubano de Radio y Television (ICRT) where he is currently the top specialist in the Team for Social Research, Quality and Monitoring at Radio Taino.

Wency is a committed young man with solid human values. He´s an avid reader and his conversations are enriched with diverse and interesting topics. He also uses his energy to play football and spend time with his family.