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Vionicel Peña Director of Metadata

Vionicel Peña is the Director of Metadata. He is very passionate about digital products, audiovisual production, photography and archives. His mission is to provide our metadata team with the best practices with regards to content. He works restlessly in the creation of highly skilled multi-disciplinary teams for the development of this activity.

He was born in the city of Santa Clara, in the very center of the island. He graduated as a technician in Electronics and IT and had his first experiences in the world of television as a quality control technician, video tape editor and music programmer in the Instituto Cubano de Radio y Television (ICRT). His thirst for knowledge drove him to pursue university studies at the School of Audiovisual Communication Means at the Instituto Superior de Arte (ISA). Together with other specialists, he founded the Patrimony team for Cuban Television to contribute in safeguarding Cuba´s  cultural heritage. He is backed by almost 20 years of work in audiovisual production, as a filmmaker, editor, script writer, producer and camera man.
Vionicel is perceptive, kind and honest. He lives with his wife and daughter, who studies Classical ballet. He loves challenges and collaborations that compel him to continue furthering his constant professional and personal training. He is the a fan of music, films and history.