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Tatiana Teresa Lozano Quality Management Specialist

Tatiana Lozano is in charge of quality control during the accessioning process of our archives. This includes statistics, reports and support of the AMS, and its corresponding software. She has also carried out the same duties for the MAM (Media Asset Management) with all its processes of managing metadata. She is responsible for working with leadership in recommending updates and procedures for each process.
She has served in Senior Tech roles at various Cuban institutions such as Banco Financiero Internacional (International Finance Bank of Cuba), CIMEX (a business group that imports, exports, produces and markets goods and services), and the Ministry of Agriculture’s Computer & Communications Company.
Tatiana may come off a shy quiet woman of unassuming 5’5 height, but she is a powerhouse of information upon second glance. She takes on a nurturing role with the team she oversees, supportive of each colleague’s growth and works to ensure the betterment of the overall company.

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