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Serguei González Director of the Digitization Center

Serguei González is the Director of the Digitalization Center. He is an engineer with a vast experience in University education. Together with his team, he has worked hard to create our high technology Center and is responsible for its management and integral functioning.

His diverse skills have placed him in different roles: photojournalist, camera man, programs creator and director, producer and creative content writer both for radio and television. He simultaneously worked in teaching activities in mass media technology. He is one of the founders of the television network at the Universidad de Ciencias Informáticas in Cuba and he became a top specialist in technology at Cuban television.

Serguei is collaborative, cheerful and a great salsa dancer. He contributes technical dexterity combined with a creative voice and a “can do” attitude. His nine years old son, Orly, is growing up as part of the Tropix´s family.