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Herve Bergeron Director of Installation & Maintenance Engineer

Herve Bergeron is our Director of Technological Installation and Maintenance. He is the lead in planning, organizing, directing and controlling the general maintenance work of the specialized equipment at Tropix’s Digitalization Center.

His career began in the mid-80s at Midwest Communication, where he was involved in the design and testing of systems integration projects such as the Home Shopping Network and The Golf Channel.

In Atlanta he joined the Sony service team, and rose through ranks for the next six years, where he eventually became an Engineering supervisor. He trained and directed staff for the centralized repair of LCD projectors in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico.

He gave his support to the development of WNEG-TV, University of Georgia, Athens, and worked as a Service Manager for Backporch Broadcast Consultants. He also provided operational and technical support to top clients in the Atlanta area, among them Crawford Communications, Atlanta Falcons, Georgia Dome Productions, and Fox Sports.

In 2011, he joined Crawford Media Services, Inc. as their Video Engineer. He joined the team responsible for the maintenance and repair of Crawford’s collection of over 900 video and audio tape machines. He has attended more than 20 industry-sponsored technical training courses, covering almost all formats of video and audio tape equipment.

Herve is a person with a clever sense of humor. His wife and athletic sons are the center of his life. A focused worker with great humility, he is generous with his knowledge when working with the Tropix team.