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Damian Ilizastegui Software Developer

Damián Ilizástegui is the MAM Application Software Architect and Enterprise Software Developer. He is responsible for the application of artificial intelligence sustems for the automatic capture of metadata and audiovisual content.

Much of his professional career has been linked to the University of Computer Sciences, where he developed different systems for the continuous integration of projects, sales, adaptation systems and delivery of multimedia content for mobile devices. He developed communication drivers with medical teams, and the Todus application, an instant messaging system that caused a sensation among Cuban youth.

He is a fullStack  web developer with knowledge of technologies such as Java, JEE, Spring, Spring MVC, JavaScript, Meteor, Python, Django, Qt, C ++, Golang, PostgresSQL, MySQL.

Damián is our favorite nerd, a member of a street chess club and a lover of new rock music. His fascination with logic and the inner workings of systems is expressed in a concentration where he forgets time