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Antonio Labrada Assembly and Maintenance Engineer

Antonio Labrada González is in charge of the repair, maintenance and updating of Tropix’s specialized technology. He guarantees that our technology functions optimally while executing the Maintenance Plan, including the specific operational and technical requirements. He analyzes and adjusts technological solutions, always evaluating price quotes for parts needed.

His strength is in his broad experience for working with professional video recording and playback equipment. He is capable of disassembling, maintaining, or fixing machines as old as Umatic, Beta, VHS and Betacam, yet also understands how to work with more modern Betacam Digital, DvCam, DVCPro, XDCAM models as well.

Serious, responsible, dedicated, and attentive, Antonio is capable of building a focused team. Laughing hard and loud is his trademark. At home, he looks after his 3 children with passion and devotion.