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Tropix brings guidance and expertise in the field of preservation and protection to the rich and diverse Cuban audiovisual historical heritage. Our mission is to rescue the country’s collections of films, videos and audio, initially within the vast Library of the Cuban Institute of Radio and Television (ICRT) to, subsequently, expand the operation to other organizations and institutions within Cuba as well as the rest of Latin America. Preceding the scanning process,  our specialists carry out a detailed evaluation of contents and their conservation status in order to incorporate descriptive metadata to audio, video and digital cinema files to facilitate specialized searches by our clients. These processes are backed by software specially designed and created in house.


Maxell betacam


Inventory to Collections of Assets

  • Realization of specialized inventory to collections of videotapes, audio and cinema to third parties.
  • Personalization of the Asset Management System (AMS +) for third parties.
  • After-sales service, update and support, Asset Management System (AMS +).
  • Organization of collections of assets to third parties.


  • Digitalization of video, audio and cinema tapes, in any format, to third-party clients.
  • Transcoding of digital files to other formats.

File storage

  • Storage on the servers of the Digital Collections Center for previously established periods.
  • Storage of a digital collection in new HDD (change to new HDD or change to other HDD formats).
  • Secure storage, for long periods, of digital collections.


  • Rental of spaces with temperature and humidity for the conservation and storage of physical assets.

Descriptive Metadata / Access to Digital Collections

  • Insertion of descriptive metadata in digital audio, video and cinema files.
  • Specialized search in digital audio, video and cinema collections.


  • Design of technological solutions for the digitization of audio, video and film tapes.
  • Installation and configuration of technology specialized in audio, video and cinema digitalization.
  • Repair and maintenance of audio, video and cinema tape playback equipment.


  • Audiovisual archival products, in digital format, as a result of a personalized search within the archive.
  • Thematic collections with archival material in digital format: Audiovisual products related to a specific topic.
  • Asset Management System (AMS +): specialized software, designed for the identification, registration and classification of audiovisual media: films, videos and audio tapes, both in its digital version and in a single work space that allows organize, control and manage the collections.
  • MAM: Management platform and management of large collections of audiovisual archives.

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