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Cubaness Launches

Cuba is a cultural goldmine but it can be hard to find your way around. Tropix is proud to announce the launch of its latest project, Cubaness Journal, designed to map the goldmine.

Cubaness is an online journal that informs readers on coveted events —today, this week, this month and beyond. Both local and visiting culture-junkies alike can find all their fixes in one well-designed, streamlined place.

The site also features a video journal, delving deeper into the storylines of Havana, and introducing people, places, and things that inhabit this colorful country. Expect to meet the latest designers, restaurant owners, musicians, and general cutting edge of everything creative happening now.

The guide functions as a quick “go-to” reference for where to eat, shop, dance and chill. The easy-to-navigate cultural calendar lists all the major events plus the fringe and underground stuff as well. With features to help you speak like a taxi driver and cook like a Cuban grandma, Cubaness is your one-stop essential guide to Cuba right now.