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Sulema Rodríguez Director of Initiatives and Special Projects of the CEO & FOUNDER

Sulema Rodríguez is the Director of Initiatives and Special Projects of the CEO. She has been working on the establishment of a Foundation in Spain to support Cuban institutions that do not have the financial resources available to preserve their archives. She is also focuses on designated international projects and initiatives in which the CEO is involved. Together with the CEO, she is responsible for creating, managing and developing non-commercial strategic partnerships and associations both inside and outside of Cuba.

She has a degree in Library and Information Sciences at the University of Havana, got a Ph.D. in Information Sciences and is expert in Digital Humanities. She has been a university professor for more than ten years in the field of knowledge organization

She is also associated researcher to the European Research Council Postdata Project and DARIAH ERIC Sustainability Refined (DESIR), at the Digital Humanities Innovation Laboratory (LINHD) of the Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED) in Madrid, Spain.

As a young leader in the field of Information Sciences, she received a scholarship from the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) and the American Library Association (ALA) for researching and presenting conference papers in Chicago and Ohio.

In addition to serving as academic, she has gained valuable experience working for the private sector.

While at Itravelmix (ITMX) she served as web content manager, information architect, Ux strategist and project manager, and scrum master. Finally, she become responsible for leading the projects with the company biggest clients: The Holiday Place (THP) from United Kingdom and Online Tours (OTRS), from Spain. She also worked for four years in the nearly-created offices of the global advertising firm WPP in Havana, where she carried out a series of innovative projects, including building and populating a cooking recipes mobile application.

Sulema enjoys constantly expanding her interdisciplinary learning areas and getting involved in new projects, especially those involving innovation and teamwork. Her aim is to always take advantage of new information technologies for development and social innovation.

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