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Rosa Preciado Editorial assistant and Community Manager

Rosa Carla Preciado assists Cubaness staff with operational tasks; planning, organizing, and supervising all the production processes for the online magazine. She has been tasked with the construction, management and administration of both Tropix’ and Cubaness’ social channels, positioning the overall brand online.
Towards the end of her University studies, she began to study Law, but her passion for the art world made her redirect her career. For a year she worked at the Taller Gorría Gallery organizing event production and art exhibitions. She gained experience as a Social Media & Community Manager at Yarini, in the famous San Isidro district in Habana Vieja. She has also worked in event production and Music festivals with Four Wives, a luxury events company in Cuba. Rosa is a young woman, passionate about challenges and autonomous learning. She likes to surround herself with good energy, and work in collaborative environments.

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