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Laura Ruíz Executive assistant to the CEO & FOUNDER

Laura is the Executive Assistant to the Founder & CEO of Tropix. She holds a degree in Tourism from University of Havana and a postgraduate degree in Business Management from the MINTUR School of Hotel Business and Tourism in Havana. These skills have led to her work with extreme professionalism with foreigners arriving to Cuba to do business.

As Executive Assistant, Laura keeps the CEO updated on all the company’s projects, while acting as a liaison with Cuban entities and officials. She is in charge of the CEO’s personal and business agendas and serves as secretary to all of the company’s committees.

Laura combined her university studies with her work life via part-time jobs related to the hotel business which provided her with communication, language and marketing skills. Upon graduation, she worked as an online sales executive for Grupo Hotelero Gran Caribe S.A, where she developed her skills dealing practices with renowned international travel agencies, such as and Expedia. She also represented Gran Caribe S.A. at important cultural events and tourism fairs.

She loves her family and friends, fine arte and feeling at peace. She is a perfectionist and is wholly dedicated to her profession. She was exposed to dance and performance since early childhood and continues to carry out that passion in her life every day.

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