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Amaya García Art Director

Amaya has been steeped in the design world of Cuba for nearly a decade, and the young graphic artist is only beginning her career. Her university studies garnered her a Degree in Visual Communication from Instituto Superior de Diseño, Havana. With more than 5 years of experience, Amaya has participated in a variety of design projects that have led her to Tropix.

Serving as our Art Director, Amaya García has been a production leader from the very beginning. She manages software design and is detail-oriented in all her designs. All creative projects at Tropix are imbued with her ideas. Working in tandem with the creative director, Amaya’s purpose is to translate and apply the Tropix vision effectively.

At the International Film School, Amaya has worked as a professor of editorial design and typography. She has also worked as a freelancer for iWonder, a Korean company where she developed didactic and illustrated applications to teach English to Korean children. She also worked for INDEX design group, where she created image and graphics for 5 years in the realm of interior design. Adding to her resume, Amaya has amassed additional experience in art direction for fiction short films and video art.

Bored by routines and superfluous conversations, Amaya encourages others to come out of their comfort zones. She is a fan of bold challenges and changes. Amaya also enjoys contemplating life and is an excellent gift-giver, surprising friends with thoughtful offerings.

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