IT & Software Development

Tropix has several business units that offer comprehensive services associated with the media and entertainment industry. We provide customized IT solutions and software services for the internal projects that our creative teams demand, using advanced technologies and methodologies. This position has allowed us to specialize in various areas of the media business, increasing the added value of these projects and constituting, today, our competitive advantage.

Our combined experience in post-production, custom software development, digital distribution, archiving, digitization, content management, data security, administrative, promotion and research put Tropix in a unique position in the industry; with the added bonus of Tropix fulfilling its own inherent mission: to take Cuba to the world and the world to Cuba.



  • Computer Repair and Scheduled Maintenance: following best practices for regular updates and upgrades allows users to stay current and minimize downtime.
  • Active Directory: implementing known standards for server-based authorization and user permissions throughout the organization
  • Data Loss Prevention: implementing protection of corporate IP and controlling our content, from creation, to final distribution. When it leaves our offices, where it goes, and how it’s used.
  • Backup and Recovery: customizable on-site and off-site backups of crucial corporate data.


  • AMS Plus: Management system for physical and digital audiovisual files that facilitates the identification, location, registration and classification of films, videos and audio tapes, both physical and digital, allowing them to incorporate physical, technical and content metadata information.
  • MAM (Media Asset Management): System that provides all the necessary tools to manage all the audiovisual content of the company that includes video, audio, images and any other multimedia resource. Additionally, it automates workflows such as: the process of ingestion, transcoding, and proxy generation with different qualities. It allows for preview, classification and introduction of basic and extended metadata, as well as the search and creation of other virtual digital assets starting from sub clips.